This will be a quick update because it’s bedtime! We flew off yesterday at 6:50pm. When we arrived to Portugal it was 6:15am Portugal time (1:15am Canadian time). It was neat seeing the sunset over Canada and sunrise over Portugal from the plane. It’s now almost 11pm here and we’ve had a very full day with not having had any sleep last night. We arrived and were picked up by Otto Ekk and a man named Joe who drove us straight to the bible institute school where we are staying. We did get about a 3 hour nap before showering and heading off to the first church in Massamas. We joined the small congregation (about 30 people maybe) for lunch, a service, and then dessert. It was interesting, awkward, and challenging to greet so many people cheek to cheek and try to use the little Portuguese that we know. Fortunately there were some people who spoke good English. The church is a small room with a little kitchen attached to a small thrift store run by the church (which we’ll be working at on Tuesday). Ive learned that Portuguese people love physical touch and their food! Lisbon and Loures are beautiful places! After this service we went straight to another service at another MB Church (the first church plant in the area). It’s attached to an apartment building and consists of a large room upstairs (seated about 50) and common area downstairs. Both services were in Spanish but I did recognize a few songs!! This second service was a little harder to get through as the lack of sleep was kicking in. Our hosts Marjorie and Otto took us home after this (around 8pm). We then had supper and went for an evening walk. Here’s some pictures from our little adventure!!20140511-230202.jpg20140511-230143.jpg20140511-230226.jpg20140511-230310.jpg20140511-230240.jpg20140511-230342.jpg


PS happy Mother’s Day mom!!


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