The Assignment

We are a Team of 7 going to Lisbon, Portugal to work alongside MB Mission workers and church planters Otto & Marjorie Ekk. We will be working with three MB churches in the area and will be staying at the Portuguese Bible Institute during the month we are there.

While in Portugal, we will be serving in the communities surrounding the capital, Lisbon. We will be focusing on serving the children and youth by running kids programming in the churches (such as crafts, games, and reading bible stories) and engaging with the youth by playing sports, hanging out, and building relationships.

Another aspect of our service will be outreach. Each MB church runs a second hand store and give-away bazaars which are in response to the current economic distress of the country. We will assist the churches with these events, as well as other outreach projects such as street ministry and serving people in the community. We will also be helping at a new church plan in the community of Montijo, across the river from Lisbon, and participating in the Sunday services.

The majority of people in Portugal will consider themselves to be Roman Catholic. However, due to the Portuguese history of dictatorship and lack of religious freedom in the past, people are now skeptical of religion, and faith is not genuine, outwardly expressed, acknowledged or shared. Portugal is more and more a post-Christian country. Therefore, another part of our mission in Portugal will be to build relationships and trust with people so that we can share our faith and what it means to follow Jesus.


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